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Like you, i have already been "buyer" and "seller" several times.
what did i expect from a real estate agency

As a seller, to have as partner a trusted professional advisor, with a real estate expertise and a genuine desire to do everything in his power to sell my property.

As a buyer, to be considered, to be listened to, to be assisted and accompanied in my search.
Unfortunately I have been too often disappointed compared to what I thought were legitimate expectations.
As a seller, you are often promised a sales price that is much higher than the market in order to "win" a sales mandate, without there being then an "active" sales process, on the part of the agency.
As a buyer, your calls and voicemail messages often received no reply. You receive lists of goods appearing to be sent "automatically" without any relation to your search criteria. Sometimes, your offers of purchase seem not to be transmitted to the owner because judged too low by the agency...
Fortunatly, on the opposite, I have sometimes had to do to professionals respectful and passionate about their job, not having the only word of order PROFITABILITY.

Build a special relationship with each of them, sharing our experience and expertise.

Therefore, I decided, driven by my passion for this sector of activity, to create a welcoming and professional real estate agency with a particular attachment to Respect and Satisfaction of customers!

To build a privileged relationship with each of them, sharing our expertise and our experience.

our concept ?

Beyond the traditional services provided by real estate agencies, we want to bring a different vision of real estate by placing the human relationship at the heart of our concerns. Whatever your real estate project, we provide you a unique know-how and offer a personalized support, in order to achieve it in the best conditions.
In addition to these traditional services, I propose to put at your disposal my technical knowledge and skills in optimization and renovation of inside (Interior Architecture, Construction Supervision).

Flavien Atoch
Your real Estate Agent and Interior Architect

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